Friday, July 29, 2016

Catalog Plans

BuildSense has created a collection of catalog plans, some of which are currently being executed.

Recently completed:


In progress:




Utilize these plans to expedite the custom home process.  Contact us today to build your home.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

BuildSense Carpenter Phil Culberson receives 2016 C. Carl Woods, Jr. Craftsman of the Year Award from CSI

Congratulations to Phil Culberson, master carpenter, who will be honored with the 2015 C. Carl Woods, Jr. Craftsman of the Year award at the CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) Awards Dinner on June 14, 2016.  Phil has been performing at the top of his trade as a framing carpenter for decades, working closely with BuildSense partner Leon Meyers for the majority of his career to build many of the finest homes in the Triangle.  The Culberson carpentry crew, which consists of Phil Culberson, Joel Braxton, Brad Culberson, and Mark Culberson, has been quietly and consistently performing feats of framing excellence on a daily basis together for years - in fact, Joel and Phil have worked side by side for their entire careers, which now span over four decades.

A very hearty thanks to Phil and the Culberson crew for their outstanding craftsmanship, and for the expertise and quality they bring to BuildSense jobsites everyday!  Thanks also to CSI RDU for this lovely recognition, and for organizing the awards.  For more information about CSI's awards and scholarships, click here.  BuildSense is grateful to have an opportunity to celebrate our masterful craftspeople!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What Makes it a Famhouse? Find Out This SATURDAY SEPT 26 9AM-5PM

What makes it a farmhouse? Good question: these days it seems like there isn't always a working farm associated with the house. So I guess we are looking at the qualities of the home that give it, for lack of a better term, "farmhousiness". BuildSense has two beautiful homes featured on this Saturday's AIA Triangle Tour of Residential Architecture. We are proud to have been included among the seven recipients of this year's AIA Triangle Residential Design Awards. While all seven will be featured on the tour, it just so happens that both BuildSense homes are farmhouses with a lot of unique differences and surprising similarities. One home, built in 1874, has recently undergone a massive renovation and addition to retain the farmhouse charm yet live and function with a more contemporary open plan. The other home, recently completed in 2014, is clearly identified as non-traditional but successfully captures the rustic charm of the farmhouse. While these homes are from different times and places, the handcrafted qualities, materials, textures, and styles of each home strongly define each as a "Farmhouse". See the images below for a glimpse of each home. To fully experience each home, join us at the tour this SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 26 FROM 9AM-5PM. For more information and tickets, visit:

1874 Farmhouse Renovation - Redefined exterior entrance

1874 Farmhouse Renovation - New dining banquette

1874 Farmhouse Renovation - New kitchen island

1874 Farmhouse Renovation - New mudroom

1874 Farmhouse Renovation - New master bedroom

2014 Farmhouse

2014 Farmhouse - Exterior porch

2014 Farmhouse - Kitchen/Living with Southern View

2014 Farmhouse - Walnut Dining Table

2014 Farmhouse - Reclaimed brick and lumber

2014 Farmhouse - Master bedroom