Friday, September 6, 2013

Best Project Results

Early one morning a few weeks ago, I drove to one of our projects that was nearing completion. While we had a hot summer, this particular morning was delightfully cool and refreshing. We had built a considerable addition and performed thorough renovation to this 1874 home and our clients had recently moved in. Approaching the rural setting, I began to see subtle changes. Our job site sign and marketing box were gone and a new mailbox was installed. Turning into the driveway, I first noticed final gravel had been applied and fresh grass was growing from a centered strip. I then realized the monster steel storage container had been removed. I drove the length of the drive and delightfully the dumpster and porta-potty were gone too. No building materials in the yard, no piles of soil or mulch. Everywhere I looked I just saw a spring like setting of tall oaks and freshly planted everything. And of course the house looked beautiful. Everything was complete and the bright new paint beckoned you to stop and admire the results. On the wrap around porch I spotted our client and her young toddler lounging in a porch swing. It nearly brought tears to my eyes. Well ok, it did. My first thought was, "this is why we do this".  I mean we don't often see the way our clients live in their homes. But if you wanted to see a best use of one of our projects, this was it. I asked if I could take a photo and was granted permission. As I sat down on the deck, I joked that they must be happy we were down to a couple of punch list items and she would be rid of us. Sweetly and sentimentally she suggested that in fact they might miss us a bit. I knew we were going to miss this home and their family. We grow attached to our clients. This was a fun project and somewhat surprising for the folks who toured it during the recent green home builders tour. BuildSense is well known for our modern designs. Yet every so often we get to restore life to a grand old home and prepare it for the next hundred years and the next generations of occupants. I think I will keep my eye on this one.
A peaceful morning on the porch swing for our client and their toddler. Real satisfaction comes when we know our clients truly enjoy their homes.

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