Friday, October 18, 2013

Window & Door Installation Tips

I recently attended a great window and door installation workshop put on by Restoration Woodworks and sponsored the Green Home Builders of the Triangle. The vendor shared some installation tricks for leak free and successful installations. Among the many recommendations, using a self-leveling cross-line laser level rather than a manual level jumped out as one of the most important. While these are little pricey, the efficiency of installation and the smooth operation of the windows/doors will be worth it. Another suggestion is to stop the house wrap at the exterior corner intersection of the jamb and wall (or just inside of the jamb), and complete the job with a full butyl wrap from interior to exterior. This will prevent any water that gets behind the housewrap from being directed to the interior of the home. Interestingly enough, while this does not follow most homewrap manufacturer recommendations, it allocates better additional resources to mitigate water infiltration. Last, your metal door pans should be bent with a hand brake as one continuous piece (yes, it is possible). If the installer cuts a slit to bend up the metal for the sidewall, then this defeats the purpose of a sill pan, even if that slit is caulked well. The pan should then be siliconed to the framing after the sill is leveled with no more than a 1/16" variance.  Before the door is set, place a generous 1/2" bead of silicone (toward the interior side of the pan) plus some short beads applied perpendicularly to fully glue and seal the threshold into place. These are a few tips offered by Restoration Woodworks that I found useful and interesting. Hopefully you will too.


  1. This is superb! I've been looking into getting some windows and doors for our house we are building. What styles are emerging in modern times and whats attractive?

    1. Celine,
      We work with many different window manufacturers to find the appropriate window for the project based on style, function, aesthetics, and cost. Your major manufacturers can be counted on for a wide range of quality products. We have used Jeld-Wen aluminum clad casement and fixed windows on numerous occasions and like them very much. An option for a lower cost and maintenance free clean line window is the Andersen (Fibrex) 100 series. We recently used these on a project and were very pleased with the results as was the client.